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Maxwell House (Ludlow, Kentucky)

Maxwell House is located at 27 River Rd. in Ludlow, Kentucky. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Profile Description

The Maxwell house, also known as the Lantry Residence, is a large late Victorian house built during the late 1870s. It was built by Edward H. Maxwell, a liquor merchant from Boston, Massachusetts.  The house is located above the Ohio River and features a high basement, a one story scroll and spindlework wooden Victorian porch, and unique vertical upswept Flemish gables.  In recent history, the Lantry family restored the structure, including adding appropriate Victorian colors to the home. They also planted vineyards on the hillside behind the home, producing Ludlow’s only native wines.

source:  http://www.preserveludlow.org/Preservation_Awards.php

photo:    http://www.neltnerrealty.com/ludlow/

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