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Kenney’s Crossing (Covington, Kentucky)

Located at 1001 Highway Ave in Covington, Kentucky. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

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In the late 19th century, the area once known as Economy, was an isolated community on the hillside west of the City of Covington, Kentucky.  It was primarily located near the river road along the Ohio River which connected Covington to the city of Ludlow, KY.  At its historic core, Kenney’s Crossing is an example of Late Victorian Italianate style of domestic architecture.

The creation of the West Covington neighborhood is historically significant.  The community stands as an example of Community Planning and Development. Located on hilly terrain, its early development was slow, in part, due to the inaccessibility of West Covington. In 1892, that all changed with construction of a new road completed in 1894.  This new route, known now as Highway Avenue, led to neighborhood development which required large, suburban-type home settings. These homes are examples of Italianate and simplified Queen Anne townhouses.

Built in 1880, Kenney’s Crossing was the first building within the boundaries of West Covington. The house, located on the south side of Highway Avenue, formerly the River Road, held a commanding view of the Ohio River and Cincinnati, Ohio.  In 1894, its location, separated from the City of Covington by a valley and Willow Run Creek (now below Interstate 75) became a local landmark due to the establishment of the electric trolley system.


In the 1920’s the house at Kenney’s Crossing was surrounded by new homes, but would never lose its status as a landmark for the community.  The new road spurred development, and in 1916, West Covington was annexed by the city of Covington.

The exterior is virtually intact, and stands as a highly visible representation of West Covington’s architectural heritage.

source:  http://www.kentonlibrary.org/kcpl/genealogy/register/KenneysCrossing.pdf

photo:  shoring up of road, retaining wall, http://www.kentonlibrary.org/genphotos/viewimage.php?i=di13203


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