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Big Bone Lick State Park (Boone County, Kentucky)

The visitors center (opened 2004) features indoor and outdoor exhibits of fossils, American art, and a 1,000 pound mastodon skull as well as a gift shop. The park features several nature trails, including a Discovery Trail that includes a boardwalk around a marsh bog diorama with recreations of a woolly mammoth, a mastodon, a ground sloth, bison, and scavengers feeding on carcasses and skeletal remains. The Discovery Trail winds through several habitats, including grassland, wetland and savanna, and is accessible to the physically challenged.  A small bison herd is also maintained on-site. The park has picnicking facilities and a 62-site campground.

Profile Description

Big Bone Lick State Park is located at Big Bone in Boone County, Kentucky. The name of the park comes from the Pleistocene megafauna fossils found there. Mammoths are believed to have been drawn to this location by a salt lick deposited around sulphur springs. It bills itself as “the birthplace of American paleontology,” a term which dates from the 1807 expedition by William Clark undertaken at the direction of President Thomas Jefferson.

source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bone_Lick_State_Park

photo:  Bison at Big Bone Lick State Park,  http://www.kentonlibrary.org/genphotos/viewimage.php?i=di42112

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